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Tropico 5 Penultimate Edition Xbox One


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Release Date: May 27th, 2016

Fifth part of the extremely successful Tropico series!

Fifth part of the extremely successful Tropico series! Go back to the island nation of Tropico in the next installment of the popular and award-winning “dictator Simulator” series. Extend the dominion of your dynasty from the early colonial period to the 21st century and make completely new challenges!

The epochs – Begin your mastery of Tropico in the colonial era, you survive World Wars and economic crises, master the cold war and run your state into a glorious future. From the 19th to the 21st century every era holds its own challenges and surprises ready for you.

The Dynasty – members of your extended family have a presence on the island and can be hired as a ruler, manager, diplomats or generals. Make your family members a valuable resource.

Research and development – Modernize your nation with new buildings, technologies and resources. About Get outdated structures in order not to remain in the race against time on the track. Advanced Business System – Build a powerful merchant fleet and to secure the most lucrative contracts with its neighbors and global superpowers.

Explore the island – Bring light into the darkness and . ventilate the fog, where valuable natural resources and ruins hide completely overhauled graphics engine – All graphics were created from scratch and give the game a new visual identity. Choose from more than 100 buildings of different eras breathe to your island life.

Cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes – Up to 4 players can build on a common map your own nations, and have the opportunity to share natural resources, goods and people or each other the war to explain.


  • Long-awaited fifth installment of the popular and award-winning strategy game series finally on Xbox One
  • Prevail on your own island nation and run Tropico from the colonial era in a glorious future!
  • The Comprehensive Penultimate edition includes “The Big Cheese” and “Hostile Takeover” add-on as well as 5 brand new Xbox One Exclusive tickets!
  • Over 100 different buildings from four different eras make your settlement a vibrant metropolis – from huts to skyscrapers!

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