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Track Lab (VR) (PS4)


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Track Lab uses a unique approach to creating music by making it fun and easy for any player to create original music, beyond remixing or simply pretending to be a DJ. Track Lab is inspired by high-end professional tools and makes them accessible to everyone…

VR technology allows players to be at the very heart of the music, enveloped by rhythmic patterns, and creating beats they discover their inner musicians, learning how to compose tracks and create music all in an immersive virtual studio.

Through Track Lab‘s career mode, Players become synth maestros, learning how to build awesome beats in real time. Evolver mode offers a guided first contact with music creation in Track Lab. Players learn new patterns and musical constructs by solving puzzles in a variety of musical genres.

In Creation mode, players use the entire Track Lab toolset to create their own compositions. They edit tracks unlocked in Evolver mode or create their own from scratch and mix them using the Lab’s SFXmodules.

And remember: Music is meant to be heard! Players are encouraged to stream and share their performances through PSN and let the world hear their awesome creations.

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