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The Witness PS4


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From the developers of Braid and Jonathan Blow, The Witness is an exploration and puzzle game “about epiphany” coming to Playstation 4, and as a Playstation 4 exclusive during the console’s launch window.

Originally planned for current generation consoles a few years back, development was shifted to Playstation 4 so the game can take advantage of the console’s power. Set on a bright yet mysterious world full of puzzles, gismos and gadgetry, PS4 technology allows The Witness to create a puzzling world unlike anything on current generation consoles. Panels and light-puzzles allow manipulation of the environment around you – allowing access to previously unseen paths through openings, and creating physical pathways and bridges using nature around you.

With 25 hours of puzzling gameplay, The Witness sets its puzzles in a guided open world environment – feeling open so as to not feel repetitive, yet structured enough in scope that gamers will not get lost. The Witness is currently planned to be available around the launch window of Playstation 4.

The studio has strived for real-world details and subtlety.

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