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The Legend of Legacy 3DS


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Unravel the mysteries of an ancient island in The Legend of Legacy, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems. Harness magical elements, master tactical battle formations to take down fearsome monsters and locate forgotten treasures in a turn-based RPG adventure filled with intrigue.

When the legendary island of Avalon, the land of the gods, suddenly awakes from its eternal slumber, fortune hunters across the globe set sail in search of its secrets. But will their expeditions lead them to paradise or to the abyss?

Choose from seven distinctive adventurers with their own unique stories and motives, ready to embark on journeys of self-discovery and glory. You can play as alchemist Eloise, treasure hunter Liber, amnesiac explorer Bianca, elementalist Meurs, templar Garnet, mercenary Owen or the frog prince Filmia.

Before venturing into the wilds of Avalon, you must obtain new maps from Initium – the only town on the island – then travel to new locations with your party of three adventurers to find treasure and discover long forgotten truths. But beware! Monsters roam the island, and if you are spotted they will chase you down for battle.

Fight your adversaries on two fronts in an innovative and deeply tactical turn-based combat system. Create winning formations by carefully selecting Attack, Guard and Support stances for your characters. Specialise party members in particular roles to level up and alter formations on the fly to adapt to any situations.

There are eight different types of weapons to wield, including long swords, axes and bows, and you can swap between any of them freely. Find the fighting style that best suits you and use each armament’s special moves called ‘arts’ to awaken new, even more powerful abilities!

Master the elements of water, air, fire and shadow to keep you on an equal footing with formidable foes. You’ll receive combat advantages for elementals based on your location, and you can track their influence using the elemental scale. Stay one step ahead in a fight by forging contracts with elemental spirits during a battle and borrow their powers.

Keep yourself equipped for the perilous road ahead by visiting Initium to buy and sell equipment, purchase new maps and chat with the local townsfolk. You can also hire merchant ships that will sail the high seas and return with a boatload of money and items to help you on your quest. By meeting other adventurers via StreetPass, you can reduce the trading time on your merchant ships and increase your haul!

Travel to the ancient land of the gods and unravel its dark past in The Legend of Legacy, only for Nintendo 3DS family systems.


  • Explore the mysterious island of Avalon and uncover its dark past
  • Choose one of seven unique characters, each with their own distinct story
  • An innovative take on turn-based battles that lets you create formations and master the elements
  • Use StreetPass to increase your fortunes and reduce trading times when sending boats to barter for goods overseas

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