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The Crew - Ultimate Edition PS4


Sold Out Sorry!

The Crew Ultimate Edition includes:

  • The Crew original game
  • The new The Crew Calling All Units expansion
  • The Crew Wild Run expansion
  • All cars from the Season Pass

Street racers have been ruling the roost up until today. Want to set the record straight?Join the Police and chase the mall across the US in frantic, high-risk pursuits. Multiply successful arrests and get your hands on a wide range of exclusive Cop vehicles-from exotic supercars to legendary motorbikes or indestructible SUVs. You’d rather stay in the shadows as an Underground Racer? Take off with the cargo and you’re in for some sweet rides and rewards. No place is off-limits and no chase is like any other, so whatever the side you’re on and whoever’s on your team,make sure you’ve got the right wheels for the terrain and use every special ability to boost your vehicle or mess up with your rival’s–no holds barred!


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