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Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition 3DS

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Dust yourself down and get ready to go another round with one of the most famous fighting franchises of all time. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition offers explosive toe-to-toe action in the palm of your hand, with every blow brought home in style thanks to the power of Nintendo 3DS!

Since surfacing in arcades more than two decades ago, the Street Fighter series has been thrilling players with its blend of finely-tuned combat, larger-than-life characters and iconic special moves. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition builds on these trademark traits whilst adding in a raft of new features that make this portable Street Fighter experience a must for fighting game fans and instantly accessible to newcomers.

Videogame icons such as Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li return amid a massive cast of 35 playable characters, with every warrior offering their own unique take on the martial arts. Simply pick your favourite fighter and jump into battle before attempting to grind your opponent down with a mix of standard attacks, Ultra and Super Combos, Special Moves and well-timed counters. While experienced players might prefer to reel off their advanced moveset with quick button-pressing combinations, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ensures everyone can get the most out of their chosen character by triggering pre-selected moves with a tap of the Touch Screen.

Taking the Super Street Fighter IV experience to a whole new level, Nintendo 3DS presents every Hadouken, Sonic Boom and Spinning Bird Kick in jaw-dropping 3D. Choose between the classic side-on view or an over-the-shoulder perspective and prepare to witness the fighting action leap into life like never before!

Find a challenge wherever you are!

On top of the wealth of features and game modes you can enjoy alone, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition also offers a multitude of options for connecting to and competing with fellow players.

Take the battle online over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, challenging other street fighters around the globe as you compete to accumulate points and enhance your overall Battle Class. When fighting online, it’s up to you whether you take on all comers or fight within certain parameters – opting to only challenge players using the same control set-up as you, for example. If you like, you even watch other players fight it out with the Channel LIVE! spectator mode.

Alternatively, challenge someone closer at hand using the Nintendo 3DS system’s host of local wireless connectivity features. Face another friend who doesn’t have a copy of the game using Download Play, or access the game’s full range of content against another Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition owner in Local Wireless Matches.

And if that’s not enough head-to-head combat for you, rest assured the fighting will continue even when your Nintendo 3DS is in Sleep Mode! Thanks to the system’s StreetPass functionality, the brand-new Figure Collection Mode will see battles taking place between you and other Nintendo 3DS owners when you simply pass each other in the street. Select a series of unlockable figurines you’ve earned in the game to create your perfect team of five, then discover next time you open your Nintendo 3DS whether your team of figurines have bettered those of other players you’ve passed whilst out and about.

  • With Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, the competitive action never ends and the hard-hitting 3D without glasses never ceases to amaze!
  • The most feature-filled Street Fighter ever comes to Nintendo 3DS! Fight online, battle friends locally and take part in competitive contests via StreetPass.
  • Jaw-dropping 3D visuals give the action more impact than ever. Try two different playing views and pick your perfect Street Fighter 3D angle.
  • Execute powerful moves with a tap of the Touch Screen! Everyone can fight like the ultimate world warrior in Street Fighter 3DS!
  • Play as a huge array of 35 fighters ranging from classic world warriors like Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun-Li to the newly added Hakan and Juri.

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