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Stella Glow 3DS

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Save the kingdom from a curse that is sweeping destruction across the land in Stella Glow, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems. In this role-playing game, battle monsters in strategic turn-based combat and discover the powerful magic of the Witches.

For millennia, the entire world has been devoid of “song”, with only five Witches able to use this sacred magic. Now, Hilda the Witch of Destruction plans to eliminate the other Witches with the help of the cruel Harbingers, and use her cursed song to crystallise the world. It’s up to a young country boy named Alto and the kingdom’s protectors, the Regnant Knights, to unite the other Witches and stop Hilda before it’s too late!

In this adventure, the story will progress a chapter at a time. Each chapter is split into two parts: Mission Time, where you’ll prepare for combat and clash with dangerous adversaries; and Free Time, which offers a chance to reinforce friendships with allies and help Witches learn new magic.

In Mission Time, you’ll roam the treacherous roads of the world map, where you’ll encounter fearsome monsters and face them in top-down, turn-based skirmishes. On these battle maps, you’ll need to strategically position your units, use the terrain to your advantage, and harness elemental abilities to exploit your enemy’s weakness. You can also take on Free Missions to level up your group and earn money.

The strategic nature of the gameplay continues in Free Time when you return to the Royal Capital of Lambert – so stay focused! During the Free Time phase, you have three “action points” to spend on different activities, and what you choose to do can seriously affect your next Mission Time phase. Some activities don’t cost anything – like heading to stores to stock up on items – but more important activities all come with a price tag. It costs action points to head to the barracks where you can tighten bonds with your allies to unlock new abilities, to visit the tavern where you can take on part-time jobs, and to explore the city itself. But you never know, you might just get something good…

It also costs action points to head to the Tuning Hall: at this mysterious location, you can help Witches learn new Song Magic by successfully slaying monsters born from their negative emotions. In this way you can reveal new, powerful spells that can be used in Mission Time to turn the tides of battle!

Unlock the power of Song Magic and stop the Witch of Destruction from destroying the world in Stella Glow, only for Nintendo 3DS family systems.


  • Adventure across the kingdom as you seek out the four Witches who can save it
  • In Mission Time, face your enemies on the battlefield in strategic turn-based combat
  • In Free Time, spend time with your allies to unlock new abilities, explore and more!
  • Discover powerful new forms of Song Magic that can turn the tide of battle

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