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Republique PS4


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Previously available on PC and mobile, players can experience the entire season – including the fifth and final episode, Terminus – in one complete package with République on PlayStation 4. Players finally take full control of Hope, a young woman held captive inside Metamorphosis, a shadowy totalitarian state ruled by the omnipresent Overseer. By hacking into this secret nation's elaborate surveillance network, players and Hope begin a treacherous and thrilling journey to freedom.

Award-winning Game – Seattle-based Camouflaj developed the game and has received numerous awards including “Excellence in Storytelling” from the International Mobile Gaming Awards.

Thrilling, Topical Stealth-Action – Communicating using a stolen phone, Hope contacts the player and asks them to hack into the nation's surve­illance system, assume control, and guide her out of the clutches of the omnipresent Overseer. Players expand their control over surveillance cameras and other network-enabled devices, growing into an active threat to the Overseer and his grip over his shadowy nation.

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