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Rabbids 3D 3DS

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Turn back time with the Rabbids!

Rabbids are bwaaack and this time they have an infallible plan to invade the human world: CONQUER HISTORY through Nintendo 3DS.

When they stumble into a history museum and discover time travel through their Time Washing Machine, you can bet your booty that human history is about to become a major mess. Get ready to explore and play with time travel in their first platform adventure game, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.


  • Teleport your Rabbids in time and make a mess! Plunge into the past and revisit the greatest periods of history like the prehistoric age or ancient Egypt. Help the Rabbids to wreak havoc on the past and turn history upside down.
  • Rabbids invade Nintendo 3DS in their first platform adventure game! Make your way through delirious and colourful 2D / 3D stereoscopic worlds, kicking enemies and breaking blocks in 64 levels divided in four different time periods.
  • Customise your bunnies! From Napoleon to The Three Musketeers, unlock figurines of your favourite characters and pimp your bunnies with 45 historical costumes.
  • An adventure for everyone! Rabbids gets everyone addicted: its 2D / 3D side-scrolling presentation makes it easy to pick up, providing instant fun for kids, and the usual laugh-out-loud slapstick humour that adults love has never been so… bwaaah!
  • More modes for more fun! Three unique game modes, “Story mode”, “Against the clock mode”, and “Mission mode” for more replay value.

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