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Need for Speed Most Wanted Wii U


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Strap in to the driver’s seat and get ready for the drive of your life in Need for Speed Most Wanted U on Wii U. Race through the streets of an open world and compete with your friends for the most desired title around: Most Wanted.

In a world where anything goes, stop at nothing to reach the top of the pile. Drift around corners at 200 miles per hour on rain-slicked asphalt, take down your opponents in spectacular crashes and outrun the Fairhaven City police in pulse-pounding street chases, all in astonishing, high-definition detail.

Access some of the world’s hottest cars right from the start, each with individual events designed to show exactly what it can do. Make your wheels your own with a range of mods that boost its strengths – or make up for its shortfalls – enhancing its speed, handling and more. Master each car and you’ll earn points that grant you the right to take on Fairhaven’s Most Wanted: ten incredible racers you’ll have to beat to take the top title for yourself.

Head online and go wheel-to-wheel with friends in action-packed multiplayer playlists that challenge you to do more than just reach the chequered flag first. Compete for the best starting position, the most incredible jump and more. Even when you’re playing on your own, Autolog 2.0 automatically tracks and compares your high scores and fastest times against your friends’, and tells you if you’ve lost your crown so you know to put your foot down and step your game up.

Exclusive to Wii U, team up with a friend and experience the high-octane action in a brand new way with Co-Driver mode. Drive with style and skill using the Wii Remote or Wii U Pro Controller (sold separately) while a second player distracts pursuing cops, boosts the car’s performance and even controls the level of traffic on the road with the Wii U GamePad. Make life easier for the driver, or set them a real challenge and put their skills to the test.

Keep the action going by playing the whole game TV-free on the GamePad, and get behind the wheel of five incredible cars in the included Ultimate Speed pack.


  • Outrun the police and race to become Most Wanted in a connected, open world
  • Play local co-op in a whole new way in Co-Driver Mode
  • See how you stack up against your online friends with Autolog 2.0

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