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Mario Party Island Tour 3DS

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Are you prepared for the ultimate portable party?

Join Mario and his friends as they head off into the clouds for not just the most exciting instalment of the Mario Party series yet, but also the first to appear on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems! And with this being a Mario Party game, don't forget that the focus is firmly on bringing your friends into the action! Mario Party: Island Tour offers multiplayer hijinks through Download Play, meaning you only need one Game Card to enjoy four-player fun in nearly all of the game's modes.

Whether you're a veteran Mario Party player or a newcomer to the series, Mario Party: Island Tour proves that absolutely anyone can play! Packed with 80 new minigames designed exclusively with portable gameplay in mind and seven unique boards that offer their own distinct challenges, there are so many different ways to play that you'll have a completely new experience each time you pick it up.

Fancy the full Mario Party experience? Then try your hand at one of the new game boards! From the Perilous Palace Path or Banzai Bill's Mad Mountain to Rocket Road, Star-Crossed Skyway and more besides, each one caters for how long you've got to play or how many people you're playing with. Roll dice, swap cards, race on rockets, climb mountains, even ride a magic carpet! Each board has its own rules, exciting twists and, of course, a whole host of competitive and co-operative minigames to enjoy!

For more immediate action, dive straight into the minigames mode for all kinds of fun challenges. See how quickly you can clear ten games in Time Attack, or hop on-board the Balloon Race and win games to soar above the opposition. You can even test yourself with a selection of puzzle-based games or bring minigames into the real world, using the power of Augmented Reality to blast Goombas or climb a towering inferno! Or collect StreetPass data while you're out and about so you can challenge up to ten other players at a time to a minigame battle!

For a single-player test of skill, why not try to make it up Bowser's Tower? Take on 30 floors of tricky trials and formidable foes, fighting bosses and winning games before facing off with the king of the Koopas himself, Bowser! Have you got what it takes to make it to the top?

Alone or with friends, on-the-go or on the sofa, there's no party quite like Mario Party: Island Tour on Nintendo 3DS – jump in your bubble and let's head to the party in the clouds!

  •    The first Mario Party game on Nintendo 3DS, featuring minigames designed for portable partying!
  •    Challenge your friends with Download Play – only one Game Card needed for four-player fun!
  •    Discover 80 new minigames, seven new boards and new modes that literally anyone can play
  •    Gameplay that caters for how long you can play and how many players you're with

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