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FIFA 13 Wii U


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The latest iteration of Electronic Arts’ long-running FIFA series brings more than just soccer skills to the pitch – it’s also packed with exciting new gameplay innovations that are only possible through the Wii U GamePad. Lace your boots and experience the beautiful game like never before with FIFA 13 on Wii U!

With over 500 officially licensed clubs, HD graphics and unique gameplay concepts exclusive to Wii U, EA SPORTS delivers its best football game ever on a Nintendo console with FIFA 13. By using the Wii U GamePad, players will be able to see the action from the on-field perspective, aim precisely when shooting on goal, direct nearby teammates to mark or tackle opponents and much more.

Want to get a better view during free kicks and penalties? Simply lift the GamePad and look ‘through’ its screen for an on-field viewpoint. You can see which team-mates are in perfect attacking positions, then use the touch screen to aim the ball and apply perfect curve to your shot. Alternatively, players can shake the GamePad to activate the shooting zone on the move, touching the screen to pick a spot with total precision before letting fly at goal.

Players with a love of team tactics can use the GamePad to make use of Team Management Control. Switch up formations and player positions, make substitutions and even set man markers and direct tackles, all without stopping the flow of the match. Go deeper and manage your favourite team full-time in all game modes, making strategic real-time decisions using the touch screen and even giving half-time talks to motivate your team. And if things aren’t looking good, dive in and take control of the action to turn the tide in your team’s favour.

FIFA 13 also offers co-operative play, with up to five players able to get in on the action at once: four on the pitch as players, while the fifth takes charge of team management via the GamePad. And if your friends aren’t in the same room as you, no matter – use the Friends tab to see who’s online and message them using the touch screen before jumping into a full online match.

The heart of the game has also been enhanced greatly over previous FIFA titles. The Player Impact engine, refined for FIFA 13, brings real-world physicality to the action and offers an infinite variety of natural and believable outcomes to every challenge. What’s more, Precision Dribbling lets you take on opponents one-on-one with creative moves in tight spaces, on the wing and even while fending off an opponent.

With its extensive Career mode packed with all the drama and action of real-world football, plus ranked online seasonal play, FIFA 13 on Wii U is the ultimate football experience. In fact, it’s closer to the real thing than ever before!


  • Over 500 licensed teams, with all your favourite players and stadiums displayed in high definition
  • Use the GamePad to interact directly with the match action – curl free kicks, aim shots, direct on-field movement and much, much more
  • Manage your favourite teams using the GamePad touch screen, changing up strategies on the fly and motivating players at half-time
  • Play co-operative locally with up to five players, or play online with your friends to see who’s the best
  • An enhanced engine not only brings every pass, tackle and shot to life like never before, but also gives players more creativity when controlling the ball

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