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Downward Spiral: Horus Station (PS4)


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Downward Spiral Horus Station PS4 Game (PSVR Compatible)

  • A story that's discovered, not told
  • A complete focus on visual storytelling for single player or two player online co-op, accompanied by the electronic ambient soundtrack composed by platinum selling HIM frontman Ville Valo
  • 3rd Eye Studios is introducing an innovative control system that rethinks how movement works in zero-gravity for motion controllers and gamepad
  • Rather than just float, players will have to push themselves off of the environment to propel themselves forward, or use tools just as they would in deep space
  • Playable in 2 player online co-op, allowing players to explore the Horus Station's decep­tively immaculate, retro-futurist decor as an investigative duo
  • Entirely remove combat from the campaign for those who wish to soak up the story without enemies
  • In addition to Horus Station's story campaign, there's PvP and PvE multiplayer modes including Deathmatch, Horde and Survivor challenges

Required for VR Features (not included):

  • PlayStation VR Headset
  • PlayStation 4 Camera

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