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Deemo (Switch)


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Asian region free import with ENGLISH sub titles

Deemo is a mysterious being who lives alone in a castle, playing the piano to itself. One day, a little girl with no memory falls from the sky, breaking his solitude. Deemo feels compelled to help her get home to her world. While looking for a way to return her to the sky, Deemo notices a small sapling which grows the more music is played. If Deemo is able to make it grow into a tree, tall enough so it would reach the window in the ceiling, she may just be able to get home. As the two interact, Deemo learns what it means to have a friend. What awaits the two when the little girl regains her memory?


  • A simple rhythm game set in a fantasy world filled with beautiful imagery
  • Touch the “notes” that stream toward the screen in time with the music
  • The system is easy to understand, and players are able to enjoy gameplay which resembles playing a piano
  • There are over 200 pieces of music to choose from, with difficulty levels of EASY, NORMAL, and HARD
  • Suitable for rhythm game beginners and experienced players who need more of a challenge
  • Music is created mostly by Taiwanese and Japanese composers, with a diverse selection of vocal and instrumental songs spanning a wide range of genres

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