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Darksiders II Wii U


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Death lives – the most feared of the legendary Four Horsemen is loose and on a quest to undo the Armageddon supposedly unleashed by his brother, War. Confront enemies old and new, explore multiple unearthly realms and unravel the mystery of the Tree of Life in Darksiders II, a unique action-adventure for Wii U.

Take control of Death himself and prepare for a journey like no other. A gigantic world lies before you, from vast open plains and narrow canyons to ancient temples, underground dungeons, hidden tombs and much more. Using a combination of Death’s ferocious combat strength and his incredible acrobatic skills, explore every inch of the realms before you and hunt for the source of the corruption that’s plaguing the land.

Quests received on your journey will send you to the ends of the Earth (literally!), and the realms beyond. On the way you’ll face all kinds of enemies out to destroy you, as well as huge monsters that stand in the way of Death’s mission. Only by conquering these abominations can you ever hope to succeed…

A huge level of customisation bolsters the action and players can mould Death’s abilities to suit their play style. Thousands of weapon and armour items can be found across the land, each with their own attributes that enhance Death’s abilities in different ways. Players can also spend skill points to learn abilities along two different skill trees – the physical Harbinger or magical Necromancer – to increase Death’s might even further.

Better yet, all of this customisation can be done from the Wii U GamePad without interrupting the on-screen action. Use the touch screen to switch equipment and skills on the fly, allowing you to react instinctively to the danger around you. Alternatively, view maps of the surrounding area to see your objectives, side quests and treasure chests full of potions, gold and equipment.

Darksiders II on Wii U also provides bonus content for players to enjoy. The Argul’s Tomb and Death Rides packs come as standard on the disc, offering even more dungeons, equipment and side quests to enjoy. Wii U owners also benefit from upgrades to Death’s horse, Despair, and additional unique legendary weapon and armour sets.


  • A vast open-world quest offering many hours of gameplay and a huge amount of replay value
  • Explore dungeons and temples packed with deadly traps, fiendish puzzles and mighty monsters
  • Gigantic boss battles will test the skills of even the most hardened adventure game fan
  • Upgrade magic, combat skills and equipment to enhance Death's abilities even further
  • Use the GamePad touch screen to change weapons and armour on the fly or access special powers without interrupting the on-screen action
  • Includes additional bonus content on the disc: three new dungeons, three new side-quests, unique new legendary weapons and more!

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