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AO International Tennis (PS4)


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AO Tennis is the first tennis game built with the participation of Tennis Australia, and the first to be developed using a decade of match play statistical data for each of the dozens of licensed athletes in the game. This data shows which shots the athletes opted to use in any situation through a match. Big Ant has used that data to enhance the AI of the athletes, taking the game’s AI to the next level by accurately recreating unique play styles within the game.

In addition to the 3D scanned athletes and accurate play styles, AO Tennis has all the features that have become synonymous with Big Ant’s approach to game development. There are comprehensive customisation options, allowing players to create their own athletes, sponsorship logos, clothing and stadiums to play in. An in-depth career mode will allow players to start out ranked 1,500th in the world and work their way up to the glory of world #1. All major tennis surfaces – hard court, clay, and grass – are fully accounted for, and each affect how the game plays.

Additionally, as the first officially licensed game to the Australian Open, the backstage participation of Tennis Australia means AO Tennis gives players the chance to relive all the action and drama in complete accuracy, down to the finest details in each stadia, for what promises to be a superb 2018 championship.

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